Life Coach Vs Therepist

Often I get this question, what is a life coaching? Some misinterpreted this with psychologist or therapist.
Here is some basic difference between a life coach and Counselor.

Life coach ?

Life coaching is a special relationship between a professional coach and a client. A Life coach helps people to accomplish their goals, boost confidence and break the pattern which refrains person to achieve his/her true inner power as well as offer emotional support. Some people have strong desire to change but feel helpless or surrounded by doubts, at that time they need helping hand to smaller the gap towards their dreams.A life coach helps them to overcome all obstacles also enrich mind power.

psychologist or Therapist?
While counseling refers to terms dealing with past events or trauma client is going through.Therapy session usually dwells on the past healing. This is a long-term process in which health care professional works with a client to diagnose or resolve problematic beliefs and behaviors.

Life coach mainly focuses on result, action, and treatment of illness related to past trauma is the main aim of Therapist.



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