Are you in victimize zone or playing Victim?

Q1. What is victimize zone?

Ans – This is the zone where a person keeps complaining over and over that the situation is unreasonable, unfair or threatening but he/ she doesn’t make the appropriate adaptive responses. They never make any substantial attempt to change their circumstances or try to change their circumstances but they feel comfortable and justified in complaining endlessly about their unfortunate circumstances.
They always seek other person’s shoulder to dump their emotions to gain sympathy.

Q2. Why people do that?

Ans – They don’t do it consciously but do it unconsciously. The Reason is that it makes them feel superior which fulfills their need of SIGNIFICANCE
That is the pay-off, being in a relationship that enables them to have the upper hands.

Q3. If it’s fulfilling my need, why should I overcome this?

Ans – By playing victim, you are allowing external forces to take control over your life. You are saying that someone else is in charge of your life. So in this way, you will not be able to make any progress in any dimension of your life and you may manifest many physical and mental diseases.

Your friends, relatives will get fed up with you. They will try to ignore you as much as possible.

Q4. How to identify and overcome it?

Ans – First thing that you need is to accept that you are in this zone. You can observe your behavior and if you feel that you are not able to make any progress because everyone in this world is unfair with you then you are in this zone.

Now in the second step you need to trust that you are the master of your life. World may contain many inequities and social injustices that are discriminatory and unfair to individuals or groups of people, yet you can take control over your life.

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