How to heal yourself permanently

Have you been told that you should control your anger, frustration or any particular behavior?

Then please NEVER EVER do that. Yes, correct I am telling you exactly opposite of what you might have learned so far.

Controlling is one mode of social conditioning and it’s never going to work.

If you are repeating some particular unpleasant behaviour, there is some cause behind and bottling up emotions can lead you to feel even stronger emotions.

So how can we get rid of this trait?

Firstly let yourself feel whatever it is. Be aware of it. Then you have to find the actual root cause that your behaviour is trying to tell you and THEN you need to take appropriate action for the root cause.

By taking immediate action on outside effects,  you see an instantaneous change — an fake impression for time being that you have overcome of your obstacles. But unfortunately,  run away from the underneath root cause can addressed many major issues in the long run.

Trying to uncover root causes can be tedious, complicated, and at times, scary — to the extent where people run away when they realize the problems that are underneath. Some people may not even know how to go about uncovering their root causes.

Most people put an enormous effort to overcome these circumstances, but it leads to nowhere because they don’t have support and necessary skills. Deep Down in their heart , they do know that they need to change it but they just don’t know how to find the path.

That’s why BeTheButterfly is here.

With the right guidance of our Spiritual Life Coaches and support, you can take charge of your life and find a path to happiness.

This is what makes us different from rest of coaches, counselleor, therapist and psychiatrist. We know that there is more to life than meets the eyes. We don’t offer you fast healing formula which gives you fake immediate result by suppressing your actual emotions.

Instead, We offer transformation soul journey and help you to understand the actual root cause.

Understanding the root cause is central mantra toward resolving your issues. Once the root has been find out,  the effects can be addressed accordingly.

Spiritual Life Coaches of BeTheButterfly will be with you in every step of this transformation soul journey and guide you through the learning and support you need. Book a Trial Session today to see how we can help.

We help you to integrate your body mind and soul.

However, Life coaching is not for everyone as it is suitable only for people who want to achieve something and are able to look forward.

So if you are seeking that breakthrough in your life, you shall book a one to one trial session today via our website
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