Six Human Needs

Every human has six human needs which are our driving force and determine our life or whatever choice we make as well as responsible for our behaviours.

First human needs”

Certainty – Safety or Stability


Although everyone wants some extent of certainty in his/her life. But the degree to which certainty needed, however, varies person to person. Having bank-balance, house, good career, car and so on give a feeling of security to some, whereas earning millions of dollar give the sense of certainty to some people.

Sometimes need of certainty puts us in the cave of comfort zone. Comfort zone- our habits, behaviour, routine and so forth, person spins around this circle in his/her whole life.Going out this circle consider as the danger. In other words, knowing what is coming next, makes people more comfortable.The real challenge at this stage person resist change and think what if s(he)failed, in order to shun the pain person never go out from its comfort zone.But a person who sees outer zone as the magical area “where vast opportunities are waiting” is assertive and willing to accept the challenge.

Each of us has core need of variety and it can be met by either positive or negative way, believing in yourself or your ability is a pragmatic approach to living while staying in one small room gravitates, a person towards colourless life.
Every decision we make decide our destiny but indeed, change is inevitable!


Second human need?
Uncertainty – Excitement, Change!

This is second human need and seemingly opposite of certainty.When people break the routine pattern or embrace risk or extreme activities in order to make life more interesting or to fulfil this need. Sports like Scuba diving, Ice climbing, Skydiving and Bull-riding and so forth is one form to measure human’s spirit. Some people enjoy and do this to encounter their fears as well as to accomplish life goals. It is also true that in our daily life we often face unpredictable risk either we go office or travel, but we do not realize or think about those uncertain situations.

Sometimes the extreme desire for uncertainty can spells trouble for person’s life, however, when we push ourselves outside from comfort zone, certainly will get the reward in future.
Balance approach allows us to satisfy this need in the more natural way…


Third human need?
Significance = Feeling needed or special.

The significance is next human need and some people are very keen to feel important and seek validation.Being assertive or having the clear vision of humanity is a positive way fulfilment of this need.Such as players feel more significant by winning the game when they set new records or break old once. On the other hand, some people choose wrong ways, for instance, they let others down or hurt also it can be used to take unfair advantage.

Sometimes, if need of significant become more powerful than any others aspect, it becomes an addiction. As a matter of fact, Some people find comfortable to being self-pity, they feel significant and connected by getting sympathy and compassion.

So, mutual respect and balanced approach are the keys to any successful relationship and happiness, otherwise, too much significance can lead to anxiety and separation!


Fourth human need?
Love? need for the connection!

Like three primary needs degree of this need is vary from person to person and have the different ways to express.Each of us has needed to be loved by others so this reason we marry, attend family functions, make friends and take part in social gathering and so on!

As I mentioned in my earlier post oversupply of any need create the block and person feel depressed when this need is not met as per his/her acceptation.On the other hand, some people take the privilege to put others down.

Indeed, this need comes from inner self as not everyone can meet this.Deep connection with love demands true desire or generosity which is rare one but when it meets, a person truly fulfilled. Spending time with your loved once regardless circumstances” is ultimate love.


Fifth human needs ?
Growth – Physical or spiritual development!

This is fifth human needs which is an essential part of our life if we don’t grow we will die. From our childhood, we change from adult to old age physically. Even this is not primary need but play the significant role in human life. Some people constantly grow or satisfy this need in various ways such as reading books, setting timelines to achieve goals or by physically workout and so on. They continue to broaden the horizon and learn from others.

Everything money, relation, happiness or love should cultivate otherwise it will degenerate and our life will become stagnant. Growth comes from acceptance as well allowing ourselves to be real. The absence of this need means dissatisfaction or anxiety so in order to survive we must grow!


Six human needs?
Contribution- Help others
The need for contribution means that you are living out your life’s purpose and providing value to other people that go well beyond your own needs, desires, and wants. It gives you fulfilment and filled with satisfaction that your benevolent acts touching their lives. Some people satisfy this need as a volunteer in the well-fare program while some provide financial help or do charity or even by only solving problems. A contribution is good for us, it is good for others. Society in which we live contribution assured its growth so as key to its survival.

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