Are you a good listener?

During any conversation, either its business meeting or personal most people indulge or constantly think how to respond to the speaker rather than pay attention to their wording.Which is by they lose golden opportunity to understand another perspective and this is where the trouble starts. Sometimes, in the middle of the conversation, a person with pre-mind set jump out to the conclusion which stops the conversation also create your negative image another mind. Most relation falls apart because of bad communication which could be saved only by showing your attention which prevails you care for them or their feelings, lay the foundation of a good relationship.


Epictetus made it more clear when he said: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” 

Sometimes being silent is a good way to understand the situation from the different perspective, moreover, provide free knowledge which enriches your mind. It comes free without any cost and gives you the invaluable information you would not have imagined. Its a small kind of gesture but make your positive images in people’s mind. They love your presence as well as admire you, this becomes more significant if you are a leader or running any organization. You will generate an enormous level of trust, by doing so your employees will feel valuable and who feel appreciate deliver superior results.

Be a good listener…


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