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Are you a good listener?


During any conversation, either its business meeting or personal most people indulge or constantly think how to respond to the speaker rather than pay attention to their wording.Which is by they lose golden opportunity to

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Anger perpetuates Anger


????? ?????? ??? ??? Anger is a completely normal, human emotion. But when it gets out of hand and turns destructive, it can lead to problems either its personal or professional... When we get angry with

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Don’t indulge your mind in Comparison/तुलना में अपने दिमाग को परेशान न करें


????? ?????? ??? ??? What do you see in this picture? Two leaves one big and one small, or two leaves with different shapes, or just two beautiful leaves which are unique and beautiful has

Don’t indulge your mind in Comparison/तुलना में अपने दिमाग को परेशान न करें2018-02-11T23:02:27+00:00



WILD WOMAN Written by ~ Anjana Agarwal Wild Woman, You can not be caged, You can not be tamed, You have slept so long, It is time to awake , Listen to your heart, Follow

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Six Human Needs


Every human has six human needs which are our driving force and determine our life or whatever choice we make as well as responsible for our behaviours. First human needs" Certainty - Safety or Stability

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