When I say that Constructive or Destructive, my mean is not literally to destroy something or any kind of violence.  Here my mean from your energy flow.  Did you ever notice in which direction it’s flowing? Most of the time, we put our efforts in bitching, demeaning or criticizing, making fun of others, or we are always busy in self – sabotage unconsciously.  By doing all of this, we feed our ego and victimize ourselves. 
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Life Mantra Be a lifetime learner and do not let die your curiosity. The personal development is learning something new that will make you feel good about yourself. When you think you know everything the fact is that you know nothing. Remember, learning is a continuous process and its journey, not destination. Just because you have finished your formal education, does not mean you should stop learning. This world has a lot to offer, look
????? ?????? ??? ???! Change is certain!   We all are familiar that learning new things always bring some discomfort or failure. You make mistakes because you are unknown and it takes some time to embrace change. Between that time things ups and down just like a roller coaster. When you encounter defeats one after one. It seems there is no way to escape and you are stuck in a room with no window. This
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Have you ever felt stuck or think despite hard working why are you falling behind? Remember, doing hard work without any plan is like chase the shadow. There is no meaning of doing this, so First of all, stop doing this. Your level of progress depends on what activities you have focused. What people you have chosen to surround yourself with. What thought you have allowed in your mind, decide your fate. Another quality how
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????? ?????? ??? ??? How good is your time management?   A modern world where everyone is struggling to manage personal or professional commitments. Time management allows a person to accomplish the right task within time. Everyone has the same 24 hrs, some people often complain they would do anything for a little extra time, but waste the time they already have.There are many entrepreneurs who create great lives by using those hours effectively.Time is
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