The Art of unlearning

Have you ever felt stuck or think despite hard working why are you falling behind? Remember, doing hard work without any plan is like chase the shadow. There is no meaning of doing this, so First of all, stop doing this. Your level of progress depends on what activities you have focused. What people you have chosen to surround yourself with. What thought you have allowed in your mind, decide your fate. Another quality how enthusiastic are you to embrace new changes. People are afraid to leave that they are familiar, and ignore the simple truth being persistent with change is one way to achieve your dream. It helps you to uncover your true potential. Applying old method to current problems cannot deliver the new results as well as you lose the wider opportunities the world offers. To change the results that you are getting there is need to change the way of doing. Go with the flow, be like a water. Become more competitive, self-improvement and be fully aware of current technology will advance you to get closer to your goal. To get most out of the technologies, you have to keep abreast of with it. Get rid off those things which do not relevant to your job or career. Globalization, technology advancements, and tough competition continual seek smart worker, risk taker, and faster way to improve their business, hence, you will be outperformed if you cannot. To understand in a more clear way, take an example of Nokia, “A well-known name of mobile industry”, had been surpassed because it was failed to notice new trends in the market. In order to keep pace with the world, you have to learn the smartest way that minimizes your efforts and will bring closer to your goals. Monitor your progress and make the best possible use of your time and do not forget to work on your weakness. No success comes in overnight. Remember, without a change, there is no growth. Most visionary entrepreneurs know that what should be undone, by doing so they have prepared themselves for new challenges.
Abraham Lincoln captured it when he said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Sharpen Your Axe – An Inspirational Story
      Tom, a wood-cutter, worked for a timber company for five years but was never given a raise. The timber company then hired Jack and within a year Jack was given a raise. Tom resented Jack being given a raise after only a year and went to his boss to complain about it. The boss said, “You are still cutting the same number of trees you were cutting five years ago. We are a results-oriented company and would be happy to give you a raise if your productivity goes up.” So Tom went back and started working harder and putting in longer hours but he still was not able to cut more trees. He went back to his boss and told him of his difficulty. The boss told Tom to talk to Jack. “Maybe there is something Jack knows that you and I don’t.”
Tom went to Jack and asked how he managed to cut so many trees. Jack answered, “After every tree I cut, I take a break for two minutes and sharpen my axe.”
Moral of the story:
To succeed today you must be in a constant state of adaptation – continually unlearning old ‘rules’ and relearning new ones.

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