Are you Constructive or Destructive

Are you Constructive or Destructive

When I say that Constructive or Destructive, my mean is not literally to destroy something or any kind of violence.  Here my mean from your energy flow.  Did you ever notice in which direction it’s flowing?

Most of the time, we put our efforts in bitching, demeaning or criticizing, making fun of others, or we are always busy in self – sabotage unconsciously.  By doing all of this, we feed our ego and victimize ourselves.  It’s easier, isn’t? Picking holes in someone work and then debate it on social media for hours and hours? You don’t have to be responsible for anything or you don’t even have to worry about for the solution. Because it’s very fun and very convenient to find fault with someone else project/work.


Once Sadhguru said, “Even tea seller can tell how to rule country but he doesn’t know how to make tea”.  It’s true, isn’t?  :).

This is what I called Destructive nature.  Maybe we felt a sense of accomplishment, pleasant and fulfill our need of significance. But we are not aware, in doing so we are wasting our life energy which is used in a constructive manner, can create the magic in your life.   This pleasant, sense of accomplishment are just temporary and doesn’t stay long. We don’t feel happiness we want but instead, we felt guilt, loneliness.  Our energy level drops down and no matter what sort of fake smile we place on our, we cry from inside.

Rather if we direct our energy in a positive and creative way, it becomes constructive.  Think about it, what will you gain to debate about politics about 24*7 on social media or what do you really achieve to picking holes in someone work? Is it really helping you or others then do it 24*7? Yes, sometimes it’s necessary to point but if it helps otherwise there is no use of it. Please think about the solution, take responsibility for yourself and society.  don’t think that only Environment protection, cleaning, removing poverty, corruption or anything else is an only a government job.  Everyone is responsible for that and even if someone is not doing their job correctly, criticizing him /her is not going to help.  Yes, we can think why we need to take action if they are not doing a job.  But don’t forget that at the end of the day, it will impact you as well.  If these are out of your control or you are not willing to do anything, please keep silent, you don’t have right to point others.  It doesn’t help but make more chaos. You are also losing your life energy which makes you tired and down at the end of the day.

Rather there are other things you can do, spend time in some creative way, writing, painting, dancing, meditation, exercise or heaps of another creative way whatever you like.  You will know that indulging in these activities is itself reward, you don’t need any outcome or reward for these activities.  No matter how much energy you spend on those activities, you will not feel tired.  Instead,  you will feel more energized, calm and happy.

Don’t trust me, try yourself 🙂


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